The Son of Tarzan (Tarzan #4) (1916)

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Young Lord Greystoke follows in his father's footsteps when an old enemy’s plot causes the boy to flee to Africa with the ape Akut.


There he becomes known as Korak the Killer and strikes up a relationship with Meriem, a kidnapped French girl.


This story uses some fairly shoddy plotting to get Korak to Africa, and it is difficult to imagine that any reasonably attentive reader won’t see the big reveal at the end coming from a long way off.


Otherwise, there is plenty of solid jungle action, and the relationship between Korak and Meriem is much better realized than the romance of his mom and dad.

Edgar Rice Burroughs (seated on the right)

"The Son of Tarzan" (Portuguese)

"Son of Tarzan" (Sinhala)

"Tarzan's Son" (Slovak)

"Korak, Son of Tarzan" (Polish)

"The Son of Tarzan" (Spanish)


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