Kobayashi Maru (Star Trek: Enterprise) (2008)

by Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels

Archer and crew try to get to the bottom of Romulan shenanigans and Trip Tucker continues his espionage behind enemy lines on the eve of the Romulan War.


I don’t expect top-notch literature from a Star Trek novel--and I’m certainly not getting it--but this was a pleasant enough read.


Some far-fetched activities are required on the part of some characters to get them to meet up with each other, but this is mostly a well-plotted and plausible lead-up to interstellar war. I just wish authors Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels would move things along a little more quickly. 

Michael A. Martin

There is too much exposition and internal perspective. 

Andy Mangels

Go ahead and write a shorter book and stop padding; I wouldn’t mind. I hope Hoshi and Mayweather have more to do in the next installment. They’ve been relegated to tertiary character status.


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