The Man of Bronze (Doc Savage #1) (1933)

by Kenneth Robeson AKA Lester Dent

An attempt on the life of Doc Savage--genius, crime fighter, supreme physical specimen--takes him and his crew of loyal specialists to South America, where they will uncover the secret that Doc's father has left in the care of the people of a lost civilization.


All criticisms of this book concerning clunky prose and mechanical construction are entirely beside the point.


No one should read a pulp adventure novel expecting anything more than a quick, fun read--and Lester Dent (writing as Kenneth Robeson) delivers one.


Lester Dent

Pulp authors worked fast and trod a well-worn path traveled by hundreds of other writers telling thousands of similar stories. 

However, only a small percentage is remembered today, and Dent surely deserves to be included among their number.


"The Man of Bronze" (French)

"The Golden Pyramid" (Italian)


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