The End of the Affair (1951)

by Graham Greene

Maurice Bendix, a writer in WWII London, becomes obsessed with learning the reason a married woman, Sarah Miles, broke off her love affair with him.

She never explained, and he feels there must have been another man.

When he gets his hands on her diary, he will learn how profoundly Sarah's world changed on the day a bomb struck the building they were occupying, and his own world will be shaken as well.

This is the last of Graham Greene's overtly Catholic novels, and it is fascinating.
Graham Greene

Although I found Sarah's abrupt conversion unconvincing (the same problem I had when I saw the film adaptation), I was quickly won over as the consequences played out.

Religious faith can place a burden on the faithful, and Greene often describes it as if it were some form of affliction.

Many Christians say that accepting God will improve one's life here on earth, but in Greene's world, believers often endure terrible suffering and loneliness, not only to earn a better life after death but also out of gratitude to God.

The torments that Sarah and Maurice undergo are quite moving and illustrate how one may love God and hate Him, too.

"The End of the Affair" (Japanese)

"The End of an Affair" (French)

"The Breakup" (Hungarian)

"The End of the Adventure" (Spanish)

"The End of the Affair" (German)

"The End of the Adventure" (Italian)

"Adventure's End" (Czech)

"The End of the Adventure" (Portuguese)

"End of Story" (Swedish)

"The End of the Love Story" (Croatian)

"The End of the Matter" (Finnish)

"The End of the Romance" (Polish)

"The End of the Doctor" (Danish)

"The End of the Love Story" (Estonian)

"The End of a Relationship" (Greek)

"The End of a Love" (Romanian)

"One Love Ends" (Indonesian)

"End of a Novel" (Russian)

"The End of a Love Story" (Serbian)


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