Betrayal! (Captain Marvel #26) (1973)

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Script: Mike Friedrich

Plot & Art: Jim Starlin 

Inks: Dave Cockrum 

After the seeming betrayal of his girlfriend, Lou-Ann, Rick Jones and his symbiotic partner, Captain Marvel, become aware that Thanos and the Skrulls are utilizing mind control for some unknown purpose…


…little realizing how deep a game they are playing.

Thanos’s objective is to gain access to a secret that will facilitate his plan to conquer the Universe, a secret that appears to be in the possession of Mar-Vell.

Marvel is manipulated into battling Ben Grimm…

… on the rather convoluted theory that if he believes The Thing is really a Skrull, he will kill the imposter…then be driven mad by his inherent sense of honor when he realizes he slayed the real one.

This is a fine illustration of the fact that those who are self-interested and small-minded often have difficulty imagining that others may not behave the same way they would, for it turns out that Captain Marvel will not kill even an enemy if he does not have to.

Just a small diversion from the ambitious schemes of Thanos, who has one more surprise up his sleeve.

Couldn't Thanos have just done this from the beginning?

A bit contrived but still plenty of Starlin cosmic awesomeness.


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