Astonishing X-Men #2 (2004)

 Random Marvels Project

Dipping my net into the ocean of Marvel and seeing what comes up.

Writer: Joss Whedon 

Artist: John Cassaday 

While Dr. Kavita Rao, inventor of a cure for mutants, uses sensational footage to announce her find to the public…

…the X-men make their reappearance as a traditional superhero team.

The counteragent for the mutant stain provides a potent ethical dilemma that mirrors an issue that has been raised in the deaf community: to what extent is one simply treating a medical condition and to what extent is one invalidating a way of being and damaging a community?

It appears that Hank McCoy is about to go through a dilemma of his own.

Joss Whedon’s snappy script and John Cassaday’s fantastic art really makes this series sing.


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