The World Swappers (1959)

by John Brunner

Two powerful interstellar magnates vie for supremacy in human-controlled space in this early John Brunner novel.


This is the only novel of Brunner's that I've read, but I have to assume that he improved considerably later since he produced two very highly regarded books, "The Sheep Look Up" and "Stand on Zanzibar."


This book is a bit of fluff that displays all of the worst traits of Golden Age science fiction--a naïve faith in the ability of extraordinary individuals (invariably scientists) to engineer the optimum human destiny and a maddening tendency toward endless exposition delivered through interminable conversations.


John Brunner

The hero, Counce, subjects people to horrendous fates, including starvation and torture, all in the name of a greater good--and they love him for it later.


"The World Exchangers" (Portuguese)


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