Gifted (Astonishing X-Men #1) (2004)

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Scott Summers assembles a team of (mostly) classic X-Men in a bid to win acceptance from the world by functioning like a more traditional group of superheroes…complete with costumes.

The recall of Kitty Pryde and Logan to the campus and the opening of a new semester with Professor X away on sabbatical gives Joss Whedon the opportunity to reset the series for a new beginning.

There are antagonisms both new…

…and old.

A new scientific discovery sets the stage for chaos.

Given his track record for producing high quality genre fare for both the large and small screen, it is no surprise that this series gets off to such a strong start with dialogue, pacing, and cutting between scenes that feels more like a really good movie than a comic book.

John Cassaday holds up his end with fantastic art and clear storytelling. Looking forward to what comes next.


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