To the Death! (The Avengers #118) (1973)

 Marvel Events and Crossovers Project

Taking a broad historical overview of the Marvel Universe by reading through the major events and crossover events in order. (Thanks to The Marvel Event Timeline at and Marvel Unlimited)

Author: Steve Englehart 

Artwork: Bob Brown 

Inkers: M. Esposito & F. Giacoia 

As our dimension merges with Dormammu’s, Captain America and Doctor Strange disagree about whether to go after him and deal with the cause or stay on Earth and deal with the effects. 

Fortunately, Nick Fury arrives with SHIELD agents, so the Avengers and Defenders are free to go on the offensive. 

They follow the Yellow Brick Road, fighting monsters and extradimensional madness all the way…

…until they confront Dormammu and Loki.


When the Defenders fall, it’s up to the Avengers to soldier on. 

When the Avengers fall, only the Scarlet Witch is left. 

When she falls, it is fortunate that Loki chooses that moment to avenge Dormammu’s betrayal.  

Dormammu is sucked into the Eye, and Loki is left mad (though his sight has been returned). 

This issue really called for some mind-bending visuals. I wouldn’t have chosen Bob Brown for the job, but he rises to the occasion.


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