The Warlord of the Air (Oswald Bastable #1) (1971)

by Michael Moorcock

The alternate history that Moorcock proposes--one in which the colonial powers maintained and expanded their empires, scientific progress was retarded, and great warships dominated the skies--is interesting, but the story he places therein is not very exciting and culminates in a predictable climax.


Michael Moorcock

In addition, the first third of the book, which explains how adventurer Oswald Bastable traveled to the future, is really an enormous non-sequitur.


There is really no reason for the protagonist of this story to be a visitor from the past and, other than establishing that fact, nothing that happens at the beginning has any bearing at all on what happens in the rest of the story.

"The Admiral of the Air" (Romanian)

"The Lord of the Air" (French)

"The Lord of the War of Heaven" (Portuguese)

"Warlord of the Air" (Finnish)


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