The Crossing (The Border Trilogy #2) (1994)

 by Cormac McCarthy

Like the hero of "All the Pretty Horses," the first book Cormac McCarthy's Border Trilogy, Billy Parham is a teenager who crosses the border into Mexico, where he must struggle for survival at a primitive level.


At first, he makes the crossing to release a wolf he has trapped and cannot bear to kill.


Later, he returns with his brother.


In the course of this novel, Billy undergoes just about every misfortune it is possible to encounter, becoming progressively more wretched until the final pages, an understated vignette with a potent, heartrending effect.


"Frontier Worker" (German)

McCarthy is a fine writer and storyteller, particularly in the early section concerning the wolf, but the story is damaged by a number of dull episodes in which Billy encounters various old Mexicans, gypsies, and soldiers who inflict their convoluted philosophies upon us.

Cormac McCarthy

"Across the Border" (Italian)

"The Grand Passage" (French)

"At the Border" (Spanish)

"The Passage" (Greek)

"Crossing the Line" (Vietnamese)

"Crossing" (Polish)

"The Crossing" (Portuguese)

"The Great Crossing" (Romanian)

"Paths" (Persian)

"Beyond the Line" (Russian)

"Boundary" (Czech)

"Crossing" (Hungarian)

"Journey to Another World" (Finnish)

"Through" (Chinese)


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