...If Atlantis Should Fall! (The Defenders #8) (1973)

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Author: Steve Englehart 

Artist: Sal Buscema 

Inker: Frank McLaughlin

The Red Ghost agrees to help Attuma conquer Atlantis…

…using his mind control powers to conscript Namor, Hawkeye, and Valkyrie as well. 

Unfortunately for him, this happens at the same time that Doctor Strange makes a breakthrough in his efforts to restore the Black Knight from his current petrified form. 

Strange thinks all of the Defenders should be notified of his progress, and his inability to contact the enslaved trio leads to the involvement of the whole team. 

Working behind the scenes, Dormammu and Loki set the Defenders on a collision course with the Avengers.

Sal Buscema is indisputably a great comics artist, but I think Marvel must have worked him too hard because sometimes his pencils have a perfunctory, uninspired look to them. Or is it the inker's fault?


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