Hel on Earth! (The Mighty Thor #487) (1995)

 Random Marvels Project

Dipping my net into the ocean of Marvel and seeing what comes up.

Writer: Roy Thomas 

Penciler: MC Wyman 

Inker: Mike DeCarlo 

Another Roy Thomas cover-to-cover battle issue. Thor and Sif battle a passel of dead monsters from Hel under the command of Kurse, who is still under the influence of the deceased Enchantress to perceive Thor as his hated enemy Malekith. 

Over the course of the battle more protagonists pile on as first the High Evolutionary’s Godpack shows up…

…then Thor’s friends the Warriors Three, Balder the Brave, and Beta Ray Bill. 

I’m not a big fan of Wyman’s art, but his action panels are pretty powerful. Did the Godpack catch on? I’m not feeling it.


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