Lasher (Lives of the Mayfair Witches #2) (1993)

by Anne Rice

Lasher, the being that has plagued the Mayfair witches for centuries, has kidnapped Rowan Mayfair, the most powerful of her line, in the hope that through her he can finally be reborn in the flesh. 

Meanwhile, her family tries to locate her and figure out Lasher’s purpose.


This enormous novel would certainly have benefited from some judicious editing, but it remains engaging and chilling.


Anne Rice’s cast of characters is a bit too large and sometimes I found myself having trouble remembering everyone, but the core group is vividly drawn.


Anne Rice

Lasher becomes more than a simple figure of evil, evoking some sympathy even though the consequences of his attacks on members of the Mayfair family are horrific.


The Mayfairs are shown to be frightened, vulnerable, and panicked, not just the powerful and intimidating clan of witches that we have met before. 

The most disappointing aspect of the story is that Rowan spends most of the novel incapacitated although this fact also leads to some of the most harrowing sequences in the book.


"The Incarnate Demon" (Italian)

"Devil's Voice" (Spanish)

"The Hour of the Witches" (French)

"Lasher" (Bulgarian)

"Lasher" (Romanian)

"Lasher" (Portuguese)

"Dance of the Witches" (German)


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