In the Woods (Dublin Murder Squad #1) (2007)

by Tana French

Rob and Cassie, a pair of Irish detectives, investigate the murder of a 12-year-old girl, a case that has some disturbing parallels to a childhood incident in which Rob’s two best friends mysteriously disappeared, leaving an injured Rob with no memory of what happened.


This is a terrific book.


As engaging as the mystery is, I was even more invested in the relationship between the two detectives. 

Author Tana French really captures that type of male-female friendship that seems to have slipped almost irretrievably into the friend zone...but only almost.


Tana French

The way the relationship evolves affected me in ways I won’t reveal for fear of spoiling the story.


French also dramatizes the profound manner in which one can be affected by unresolved trauma.

"Mystic Forest" (Chinese)

"Missing" (Portuguese)

"Death in the Woods" (French)

"In the Heart of the Forest" (Hebrew)

"There's Something Deep in the Forest" (Turkish)

"The Sacrifice Place" (Dutch)

"In the Woods" (Italian)

"In the Forest" (Greek)

"Silent Forest" (Estonian)

"In a Dense Forest" (Georgian)

"Make It Before Dark" (Polish)

"In the Forest" (Croatian)

"Something Is Waiting...Among the Trees" (Bulgarian)

"Grave Green" (German)

"In the Woods" (Czech)

"In the Silence of the Forest" (Spanish)

"In the Woods" (Lithuanian)

"To the Forest" (Swedish)

"In the Dark" (Finnish)

"In the Forest Thicket" (Russian)

"Then in the Woods" (Slovak)

"The Forest" (Romanian)

"The Forest" (Norwegian)

"Silent Forest" (Hungarian)


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