Conan the Adventurer (Conan the Barbarian #5) (1966)

by Robert E. Howard and L. Sprague de Camp

This edition of the classic Lancer Conan series takes him from the desert to the ocean and benefits from a high percentage of Robert E. Howard material. 

Three of the four tales are exclusively Howard, with L. Sprague de Camp tagging along to complete an unfinished manuscript.


"Conan the Adventurer" (French)

The first and last stories are the highlights: “The People of the Black Circle” mixes political and sorcerous intrigues and concludes with a clash of armies to cement that epic feel at which Howard excels; “The Pool of the Black One” sees Conan as a buccaneer captain once again, encountering a truly eerie menace on a mysterious island. 

"Conan the Adventurer" (German)

“The Slithering Shadow” is a pretty minor Howard effort with a city-bound setting that gives it a claustrophobic feel and an over-reliance on coincidence that makes it read more like one of his posthumous collaborators.


"Conan the Adventurer" (Dutch)

Conan is absent from “Drums of Tombalku,” completed by de Camp, for most of its length.

"Conan the Adventurer"(Greek)

"Conan the Adventurer" (Bulgarian)

"Conan the Adventurer" (Italian)

"Conan the Adventurer" (Spanish)


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