Amsterdam (1998)

by Ian McEwan

A composer and a newspaper editor become locked in conflict when a former lover dies even as they both face failure in their professional lives.

Ian McEwan writes beautifully about these morally compromised men who find themselves failing miserably at every tribulation that life sends their way, thereby intensifying their disappointment and disapproval of each other.
Ian McEwan

However, he derails his own story in the end; after displaying such astute psychological understanding of his characters, he forces them to participate in a very unconvincing resolution. 

It's as if he had the conclusion in mind right from the beginning and refused to listen to his characters when they told him they didn't want to go there.

"Amsterdam" (Russian)

"Amsterdam" (Portuguese)

"Amsterdam" (Hebrew)

"Amsterdam" (Lithuanian)

"Lovers" (Vietnamese)

"Amsterdam" (Romanian)

"Amsterdam" (French)

"Amsterdam" (Croatian)

"Amsterdam" (Swedish)

"Amsterdam" (Polish)

"Amsterdam" (Spanish)

"Amsterdam" (Japanese)

"Amsterdam" (Arabic)
"Amsterdam" (Chinese)

"Amsterdam" (Persian)

"Duel in Amsterdam" (Turkish)

"Amsterdam" (Slovak)

"Amsterdam" (Finnish)

"Amsterdam" (Dutch)

"Amsterdam" (Latvian)

"Amsterdam" (Hungarian)


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