Lunch (2012)

Writer/Director: Donna Kanter

Stars: Carl Reiner, Sid Caesar, Monte Hall, Arthur Hiller, Gary Owens, Rocky Kalish, Hal Kanter

This documentary allows us to pull up a seat at an exclusive table at Factor's Famous Deli in LA, where some legendary Hollywood mainstays gather for lunch on alternate Wednesdays. Participants include such luminaries as Carl Reiner, Sid Caesar, Monte Hall, director Arthur Hiller, and classic announcer Gary Owens. This is clearly a labor of love from filmmaker Donna Kantor, who gained access through her father Hal Kantor, executive producer of All in the Family and a regular member of the gathering. Much of the runtime is taken up by members enthusing about how privileged they feel to be included and how wonderful their fellow members are. However, when we get a chance to be a fly on the wall and listen in on their conversation, it is fairly dull and mundane, not like the comedians swapping stories in Broadway Danny Rose. I’m not sure if this is because the camera had limited access and happened to be there at lackluster times or because the conversation is always like this. Either way, it makes for a pretty underwhelming movie.


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