Eighty-Sixed (1988)

by David B. Feinberg

This novel contrasts the life of BJ Rosenthal, a gay man living in New York City, before and after the advent of the AIDS epidemic.


In 1980, his greatest concern is finding a boyfriend and he feels free to indulge his libido in a quest for the perfect man.


In 1986, every potential liaison is conducted in the shadow of death as BJ attends the deaths of friends, participates in AIDS marches, and struggles to retain hope in the future. 

As grim as the subject matter becomes, author David Feinberg never loses his sense of humor.


David B. Feinberg

There are brief interludes between each chapter that would make for a fiercely hilarious and moving stage monologue.


David Feinberg, who was HIV positive when he wrote this book, died at the age of 37 in 1994.


The world is poorer for the loss of his voice.


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