Sula (1973)

by Toni Morrison

This novel tells the story of two life-long friends.

 Sula comes from a line of independent women and grows up to have contempt for the small-town morality of the Bottom, where she grew up, as well as an abiding hostility toward her mother and grandmother.


Nell embraces the life of the community and tries to pursue a conventional life as wife and mother. 

In their future awaits an act of betrayal that will force them to reevaluate each other and their own lives. 

Toni Morrison's beautiful prose brings to life the community of the Bottom.

Toni Morrison

"Sula" (Swedish)

"Sula" (French)

"Sula" (Turkish)

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"Sula" (Spanish)

"Sula" (German)

"Sula" (Lithuanian)

"Sula" (Portuguese)

"Sula" (Norwegian)

"Sula" (Japanese)

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"Sula" (Danish)


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