The Corrections (2001)

by Jonathan Franzen

Jonathan Franzen dissects the Lambert family and its self-destructive ways.


Jonathan Franzen

Franzen is a fine writer--his characters are fully realized and idiosyncratic, and his story is full of illuminating observations and darkly hilarious black humor.


The book really takes off when Franzen is writing scenes; I love his dialogue and the interactions he constructs for the characters. 

I sometimes found myself losing patience during extended passages of backstory and/or interior experience. 

I also felt that the relatively rosy ending seemed at odds with the rest of the story.

"Corrections" (Arabic)

"Corrections" (Serbian)


"Corrections" (Polish)

"Corrections" (Portuguese)

"The Corrections" (Dutch)

"The Corrections" (Italian)

"Corrections" (Romanian)

"The Corrections" (Greek)

"Corrections" (Lithuanian)

"Amendments" (Georgian)

"Reforms" (Persian)

"Repairs" (Hungarian)


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