The Good That Men Do (Star Trek: Enterprise Relaunch) (2007)

by Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin

Enterprise engineer Trip Tucker embarks on a career of espionage in an effort to forestall the Romulan threat while Captain Jonathan Archer and crew attempt to rescue a group of Andorian telepaths who are pivotal to Romulan war plans. Meanwhile, the Coalition of Planets gets off to a shaky start. I was a fan of “Enterprise.”


"What Good People Do" (German)

Even when the stories were underwhelming, I was won over by the cast and the setting of a pre-Federation universe. I was saddened by its cancellation, especially in light of the fact that it had finally begun to reach its full potential in its final season. Although I’m late to the party, I’m happy to see the story continued in novelized form.


Andy Mangels

This book has its moments, but it never really took off. Authors Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels seem to think that the emotional moments in the story are strengthened by writing paragraphs of internal perspective instead of relating a few telling details with a graceful economy of language. They also miss an opportunity toward the novel's climax by not making more of the attack on Coridan Prime. Nevertheless, events are moving in a compelling direction and the stage has been set for some potentially great storytelling.

Michael A. Martin


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