Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002)

Director: Phillip Noyce

Writers: Christine Olsen, from a book by Doris Pilkington

Stars: Everlyn Sampi, Tianna Sansbury, Laura Monaghan, Kenneth Branagh, David Gulpilil, Ningali Lawford

Based on a true story, this film tells the tale of Gracie, Daisy, and Molly (Everlyn Sampi, Tianna Sansbury, Laura Monaghan), three half-white, half-Aborigine children who, in accordance with official Australian policy, were kidnapped from their home and sent to a boarding school to train for life as domestics so that they could enter the white world, thereby "rescuing" them from a supposedly inferior indigenous world. 

Unwilling to endure the separation from their loved ones, the girls dedicate themselves to escaping back to their home. 

The three untrained child actors deliver stunning, authentic performances. 

Kenneth Branagh's performance as policy director A.O. Neville is chilling because he honestly seems to care about what happens to the children of the Stolen Generations, as they are called, even though his policy is based upon dangerous, vile racist principles and total disregard for the humanity of the aboriginal peoples.


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