Journey into Fear (1940)

by Eric Ambler

Graham, a British engineer who specializes in munitions, becomes the target of German spies as he travels from Turkey to England in the months preceding WWII.


He takes passage on a small boat, where many of his fellow passengers will reveal surprises about themselves and he will encounter both friends and foes in unexpected places.


Eric Ambler's prose is efficient and graceful as he moves his plot along smoothly.


Eric Ambler

His characters are delineated well, their interactions are well-focused, and the twists and turns in the plot are satisfying.

"Journey into Fear" (Greek)

"In the Grip of Fear" (Dutch)

"Fear Travels with You" (German)

"A Journey into the Heart of Fear" (Hebrew)

"Journey into Fear" (Italian)

"Journey to Fear" (Korean)

"Journey to Fear" (Portuguese)

"Day of Terror" (Spanish)

"Trip to Fear" (Spanish)

"Journey to Fear" (Turkish)


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