The Entropy Effect (Star Trek: The Original Series) (1981)

by Vonda McIntyre

Spock must travel through time to undo the death of Kirk and stop a temporal researcher whose invention will bring about the end of the universe. 

This book was really bad early on. Uhura and Chekov are virtually absent from the story. 

Author Vonda McIntyre introduces some secondary characters of her own creation that held absolutely no interest for me but seemed to engage her much more than the TOS crew. 

Vonda McIntyre

Fortunately, these characters mostly vanished from the narrative once the story got going (which made me wonder why we needed them in the first place), and there are some pretty good, intense scenes among Spock, McCoy, and Scott. 

"Entropy Effect" (Portuguese)

Unfortunately, the resolution of the crisis is pretty dull and McIntyre’s boring Mary Sues shuffle back on stage to conclude their character arcs.


"The Entropy Effect" (German)

 I didn’t care for the romantic subplots for Kirk and Sulu either. I appreciate the desire to present them as more fully rounded characters, but there is a balance that must be maintained. Sulu spends so much time gently sighing and weeping that he seems more like a heroine from a romance novel, and he and his captain are both so preoccupied by matters of the heart that they come off as rather unprofessional.


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