Conan the Wanderer (Conan the Barbarian #4) (1968)

by Robert E. Howard, Lin Carter, and L. Sprague de Camp

This volume of Conan adventures finds our hero, now in his thirties, enjoying widespread fame from his exploits and often claiming leadership of various bands of fighting men.

For a change, the highlight of this collection is not a pure Robert E. Howard production but rather “The Flame Knife,” a story repurposed by the ever-present L. Sprague de Camp from an unpublished tale of Oriental adventure.

Robert E. Howard
(looking a little like Conan)

De Camp takes the opportunity to bring back Olgerd Vladislav, an old adversary from the classic “A Witch Shall Be Born” of the previous volume.

L. Sprague de Camp
(looking a little like one of the evil wizards he fights)

This introduces a welcome bit of continuity to the series.

"Conan the Wanderer" (Dutch)

Another highlight is the duel of stranglers from “Shadows in Zamboula,” a gritty, vividly depicted struggle that challenges Conan in a manner rarely seen.

"Conan the Wanderer" (German)

Insert here the obligatory warning about backward racial stereotypes.

"Conan the Gypsy" (Italian)

"Conan the Wanderer" (French)

"Conan the Destroyer" (Swedish)

"Conan Globetrotter" (Polish)

"Conan the Tramp" (Spanish)

"Conan the Tramp" (Bulgarian)


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