Every Little Crook and Nanny (1972)

by Evan Hunter (AKA Ed McBain)

A frustrated intellectual kidnaps a boy, not realizing that he is the son of a major crime boss who is overseas on vacation.


When the panic-stricken nanny asks a low-level hood to help her get the boy back before her boss returns, a series of comic misunderstandings and misguided attempts to profit from the situation ensues, drawing in a number of eccentric characters.


"The Whole Gang and Nanny" (Danish)

When I decided to read this creased, worn paperback, which came out of a box in a friend's garage, little did I realize that I was about to begin one of the most enjoyable, fiercely funny little novels that I've read in quite a while.


Author Evan Hunter (AKA Ed McBain) is well-known as a quality writer, but he was also very prolific

Evan Hunter

No doubt many of his titles have fallen out of print. 

Many treasures like this exist only on the shelves of used bookstores these days. 

If you can get your hands on this book, read it.


There was a movie!

You'll enjoy it.

Anyone seen it?

"Nanny Is Looking for Daddy" (Turkish)


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