Dealing with Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles #1) (1990)

by Patricia C. Wrede

Princess Cimorene escapes the dull, dutiful life of a princess by running away to become a dragon’s servant.


She enjoys this lifestyle and soon learns of a plot to overthrow the leadership of dragon society.


Patricia Wrede writes a light, breezy tale that does not engage the emotions very much and is never as funny as it is meant to be, although it is amusing on a fairly consistent basis.


Patricia C. Wrede

The plucky princess bridling under the shackles of tradition has become a familiar trope, but since this book was first published in the early ’90s, it is possible that it was fresher then.

"The Dragon Princess" (German)

"The Princess Smirked at the Dragon" (Thai)

"Living with Dragons" (Turkish)

"Collusion with Dragons" (Polish)

"Dragons Business" (Hebrew)

"How to Deal with a Dragon" (Romanian)

"It's Not Easy with Princesses" (Czech)

"Cendorine and the Dragons" (French)

"Princess of the Dragon" (Finnish)


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