Cujo (1981)

by Stephen King

Preoccupied with her rocky marriage, Donna Trenton's life takes a surreal turn when she finds herself trapped with her young son in their broken-down car by a rabid Saint Bernard.


This situation is made possible through a chain of events set in motion by two sets of marital conflict. 

I found it interesting that the insecurities, boredom, and insensitivity that can trouble a marriage also orchestrated this primal, brutal, blood-soaked struggle.


This contrast of spiritual and moral restlessness with the desperation of physical survival is a reminder of how far removed from the jungle modern man has become, and how we create so many of our own problems.


This fine thriller loses some of its shine because of the unconvincing subplot about an ad campaign and some vaguely supernatural business involving a closet that feels like it was tacked on to solve a problem with the plot.


"Omen" (Chinese)

"Cujo" (Bulgarian)

"Cujo" (Japanese)

"Cujo" (Korean)

"Cujo" (Serbian)

"Cujo" (Thai)

"Cujo" (Turkish)

"Cujo" (Russian)


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