The Butlerian Jihad (Legends of Dune #1) (2002)

by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

A lot of controversy and disappointment about this one. 

Not unexpected, given the legendary status of Frank Herbert's original series.


It's been a good 25 years since I read the originals, and I intend to read them again after working my way through the prequels.


What to make of this effort by Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson?


Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

They've definitely decided to go the route of space opera in this story of the great conflict between humans and thinking machines that would result in the taboo against artificial intelligence that the elder Herbert alludes to in the original books.


"War of the Machines" (French)

The great care taken by him in developing coherent systems of philosophy and ecology is not evident here, which undoubtedly contributes to much of the disillusionment.

"Servant Jihad" (Czech)

 Frankly, though, I felt that the original series sometimes got too bogged down in such abstract and esoteric matters, particularly in the later books. 

"The Butler Jihad" (Hungarian)

(Maybe I'll feel different when I reread them; my attention span was shorter 25 years ago.)


"The Butlerian Jihad Squad" (Hebrew)

I just went with the story that Herbert and Anderson had to tell and enjoyed it for what it was--a crackling tale of heroes and villains that offers insight into the origins of many elements of the Dune universe.

"The Butlerian Jihad" (Spanish)

"Butlerian Jihad" (Turkish)

"The Butlerian Jihad" (Greek)

"The Butlerian Jihad" (Russian)

"The Crusade" (German)

"The Butlerian Jihad" (Polish)

"Butlerian Jihad" (Romanian)


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