Frogs (1972)

Halloween Reviews 2020

Director: George McCowan

Writers: Robert Hutchison & Robert Blees, from a story by Robert Hutchison

Stars: Ray Milland, Sam Elliott, Joan Van Ark, Adam Roarke, Judy pace, Lynn Borden, Mae Mercer, David Gilliam

A rich, contentious Southern family gathers for the birthday of their patriarch (a cranky, embarrassed Ray Milland), unaware that nature, fed up with their polluting ways, intends to kill them one by one in a variety of dull, unimaginative, poorly shot and edited ways. 

This movie doesn't even have the saving grace of providing a few laughs, intentional or otherwise. 

A complete waste of time for anyone who has ever had any part in either making or viewing it.

The movie poster is the best thing about it.

                                                            Warning! Ending scene!! Ribbit!!!


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