Sibs (1991)

Sibs (1991)

by F. Paul Wilson

Halloween Reviews 2020

Kara Wade returns to New York to investigate the death of her sister, who leapt from a hotel window after having sex with two strangers. 

Although the police consider it a suicide, Kara is not convinced and joins forces with her cop ex-boyfriend. 

This is a creepy novel with some nice twists that I enjoyed even though I was able to see most of them coming. 

Some of the characterization is weak; there are several points where some of the confusion could have been cleared up if the characters would just talk to each other and it's not clear why they don't, but none of these are fatal to the plot. Author F. Paul Wilson also makes much of Kara being a feminist, which sometimes makes the book feel as if it were sitting in his drawer for 15 or 20 years before being published.

F. Paul Wilson                                                                 

However, in a book like this, the plot is all important and Wilson has a good one. 

It drags a bit in the middle, but it really picks up for the last 70 pages or so.


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