Shower (1999)

Shower (1999)

Director: Yang Zhang

Writers: Shangjun Cai, Yi'nan Diao, Xin Hou, Fendou Liu, Yang Zhang

Stars: Jiayi Du, Zheng Fang, Bing He, Wu Jiang, Ding Li, Cunxin Pu, Xu Zhu

This charming film tells the story of a man who returns home after many years from his busy life in the city to the bath house run by his father and mentally challenged brother. 

He is gradually seduced by the peace and sense of community that he finds there, as well as his awakened sense of responsibility toward his aging father and handicapped younger brother. 

Touching and funny, with a wonderful cast of sharply drawn supporting characters. 

Writing about it makes me want to watch it again.


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