The Green Mile (1996)

The Green Mile (1996)

by Stephen King

Paul Edgecomb and his fellow prison guards are profoundly changed when John Coffey, a hulking inmate charged with the murders of two little girls, takes up residence on the Death Row wing where they work and astonishes them all with his extraordinary abilities.  

Stephen King has written a powerful novel about decent people coping with the pain and existential terror of mortality. 

Stephen King

Paul may be the most likable first-person narrator I have ever encountered in a work of fiction, and his basic goodness is appreciated as a filter for the very bleak view of existence presented here. 

He and his little band counter both the horror they see all around them and the implacability of death with simple kindness. 

The rambling, expansive style of storytelling King employs presents a fully realized world within a richly detailed Depression-era setting. 

Highly recommended.


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