H (2002)

H (2002)

Director: Lee Jong-hyeok

Writers: Alex Kim, Oh Seung-uk, Lee Jong-hyeok

Stars: Yum Jung-ah, Ji Jin-hee, Sung Ji-ru, Kim Sun-Kyung, Cho Seung-woo

A pair of emotionally damaged police detectives (Yum Jung-ah and Ji Jin-hee) investigate a series of gruesome killings that emulate the murders of a serial killer (Cho Seung-woo) who was imprisoned ten months earlier. 

They suspect that he has an accomplice on the outside. 

In a sense, they are correct. 

The truth provides a nice twist that would have had more impact if it had not been imbedded in a plot that has so many lapses in logic. 

Unprofessional behavior makes it difficult to take these cops seriously. 

They seem to make some pretty big intuitive leaps and there are plot elements that don't connect very well to the main story, although both of these could be the fault of poor subtitling. 

The final moments of the film are intended to shock, but they require one character to behave in a way that contradicts what we have seen of her before, so it comes off as cheap exploitation.


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